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Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral is the Mother Church of the worldwide Anglican Communion and seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Cathedral is both a holy place and part of a World Heritage Site.

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St Augustine's Abbey

Founded shortly after AD 597 by St. Augustine after he was sent by Pope Gregory to convert the pagan King Ethelbert of Kent.  Originally created as a burial place for the Angle-Saxon kings of Kent, it is part of the Canterbury World Heritage Site along with the Cathedral and St Martin's Church.

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St Martin's Church

Once the private chapel of Queen Bertha of Kent before the arrival of St. Augustine in AD 957, it is England's oldest parish church in continuous use and the oldest church in the entire English-speaking world.

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Dane John Mound and Gardens

The site of a Norman motte and bailey castle.  Archaelogical evidence suggests that the castle was built on the site of a Roman burial mound.  Remodelled in the 18th century when the Dane John Gardens were laid out.

The top of the mound provides excellent views over the city. 

Westgate Gardens

Situated along the River Stour, there were once the home and gardens of a notable Canterbury family.  The area can be traced back to the Roman occupation of 2,000 years ago and beyond.

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Marlowe Theatre

1,200 seat auditorium.  Since its redevelopment and opening in 2011 it has welcomed major touring productions.

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University of Kent venue, open to the public for films, visiting speakers, concerts and family shows

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The Beaney

Art gallery, library and Visity Information Centre in the historic heart of Canterbury.

This award winning facility provides state-of-the-art exhibition galleries, excellent educational facilities and a varied programme of events for all ages.

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Canterbury Roman Museum

Canterbury Roman Museum is Kent’s only Roman Museum; providing a fascinating and family-friendly insight into life in Roman Britain. Visitors can explore Canterbury’s history, wander through the marketplace and discover hidden treasures as they step back, and down, to the streets of Roman Canterbury…

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Curzon Cinema Canterbury

The Goods Shed

Farmers Market and Food Hall, showcasing local produce and fine foods from from an array of indenpendent suppliers

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